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scrimmettes's Journal

The Scrimmettes!
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All the boys began chattering at once.

"Boy, those Scrimmettes!"

"Elmer stole the show!"

"I stole the show!"

"The Scrimmettes!"

"Face it, Miss Scrimmage stole the show!"

"What about the Amazing Frederick's mother?"

"And when the door prize exploded in the Fish's face..."

"But the Scrimmettes!"

"Yes," said Boots soberly. "The Scrimmettes. Bruno, we haven't heard the end of that."

Well said, Boots! Too right you haven't heard the last of it. Welcome to The Scrimmettes! a community dedicated to the true lurve between the one and only Bruno Walton and his bestest buddy, Boots O'Neal.

Bruno and Boots are the main characters in Gordon Korman's wildly popular MacDonald Hall series. And when I say wildly popular, I mean here in Canada during the 80's and early 90's. So perhaps you should go read the books, eh?

Membership in the community is open, and we are looking for fic, art, scans of original book art, and just general discussion. Please be warned that adult themes will be quite prevalent, and if you don't like the idea of Bruno and Boots being much closer then friends, you'd best just get lost now. On that note, we have absolutely no association with Gordon Korman or any of the companys which distribute his writing. Disclaiming power!

thi fishy production brought to you by glockgal and demon_rabbit