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Twilight Crossover

Title: The Strangest Vampires Ever.
Author: ulyssesaloysius 
Summary: Twilight/IWtGH crossover. Rudy Miller and Mike Webster may just be the strangest vampires the Cullens have ever met. Very, very light Rudy/Mike. This is what happens when you read IWtGH just before watching a Twilight movie.
Rating: PG. There is probably far less disturbing material in this than in a Twilight movie.
Disclaimer: I do not own Rudy, Mike or Twilight.

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2 Fics: "The More Things Change" and "The Female of the Species"

Hi all! I just found this comm, so I wanted to post two Macdonald Hall fics that I've already written!

Title: The More Things Change
Fandom: Macdonald Hall
Characters: Bruno, Boots, Cathy, Diane
Rating: G
Words: 2400
Summary: Bruno and Boots through the years. (written for strippedhalo in Yuletide 2008)

(...the more they stay the same)


Title: The Female of the Species
Fandoms: St. Trinian's (2007)/Macdonald Hall
Characters: Kelly Jones, Cathy Burton, mob ensemble
Rating: G
Words: 2250
Summary: The girls of St. Trinian's meet their match. (crossover) (written for halfamoon 2010)

(...is deadlier than the male)

Fic Summary and New Fic

Hey. I'm not technially new, just migrating a lot of work to my fic journal. As a result, I've purged out the stories I've posted here before, and providing a new link for all of my Korman fic.

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In addition, I've got a new piece I'm throwing to the comm. I'm a little nervous about it (the rating sort of jumped up near the end, and it's complicated and involves Rudy talking about feelings, which is difficult to pull off), but C/C is welcome. I hope you enjoy it, and hope your holidays are going well.

Title: Ambition
Rating: For "Mature" Readers (PG-13/R)
Fandom: I Want to Go Home!
Disclaimer: I'm not Gordon Korman, am not profiting from it, and really don't mean any offense.
Summary: When a friend convinces Mike to get Rudy to make new friends, things go badly quickly.

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Am working on an epic (probably 20,000+) Bruno/Boots at college fic that could use a beta, more to remind me to finish it than anything else. *facepalm* "I signed up for BigBang, I should NOT be writing epics in new fandoms..." I'm not picky, but someone who is at all familiar with college team sports (and by this I mean, has watched them at least once) would be welcome, as I am not exactly the sporty type.


Title: Help Stop New Beginnings Before They Start

Summary: Bruno wants things to stay the same. Boots is clueless.

Pairing: Bruno/Boots

Rating: PG-13? ish?

Disclaimer: I own Bruno & Boots as much as any other Canadian who is not GK.

Author's Notes: I should have known there were Korman fanfic comms. LJ has a comm for everything. A note on the date and the boys' ages-If Korman can have them at MacDonald Hall from 1978 to 1995, I can have the boys in Toronto in 2009 at age 27.

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IWtGH! Fic: Truth or Dare

Author: bionic_hero (ETA: Finally made a fic account, so I'm transferring ownership, here.)
Title: Truth or Dare
Fandom: I Want to Go Home!
Pairing: Mike/Rudy
Rating: G (very, very G)
Word Count: 2,616
Summary: Truth or Dare! Boys being faily! Cathy Burton!

Notes: So I was thinking about fic clichés that would be fun to write, and I thought, hey, truth or dare! What fandom could I write a truth or dare fic for? And my immediate answer was IWtGH, of course, because Rudy Miller doesn't play truth or dare. And that's basically what happened here.

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Elmer Drimsdale: Flirtation Crustacean

Title: Elmer Drimsdale, Flirtation Crustacean
Rating: G
Fandom: Macdonald Hall
Pairing: Elmer Drimsdale/Marylou Beakman
Summary: Elmer's attempts at romancing Marylou go awry when his new invention doesn't work exactly as planned.
Author's Notes: This is a spinoff from the rather large Macdonald Hall fic that altis and I are currently writing (which will be posted hereafter via our collab journal, torturedsoul). Consider it a teaser. :D

( Click for hijinks, embarrassment, and the worst pet names in the history of awkward teenage romance )
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Hey everyone! This is my first time posting here, and I'm sorry I don't have any fic or anything else but I just wanted to say THANK YOU to everyone! I'm 22 right now, and I seriously grew up reading the Bruno & Boots books and a lot of other Gordon Korman novels. I love those Macdonald Hall boys so much. You guys are all so awesome for all the stuff posted here. I'm not so great with writing otherwise I'm sure I'd try to contribute something too.

Anyway, I also wanted to mention I was rereading all of the Bruno & Boots books, and just finished Something Fishy at Macdonald Hall today. I liked the book itself, but did anybody else feel kind of let down by it just because it was the last? On its own I still think it's great, but, I guess I kind of feel like there's not enough... closure, or something. I mean, like I said, I read these books since I was really little and that last book just makes me feel like I'll really miss the boys. And this is where people go "that's what fanfic is for!" but every so often it makes me a little sad never knowing what really happens to them after that book. Of course, then I just tell myself GK would never let Bruno & Boots drift apart! (They WERE very determined to live together since the first book, heh.)

Okay, that's really all. I love you guyyys.